Hi! My name is Joseph. I program and do math in my spare time, as well as browse Slashdot
Esoom, Assop and the Shopkepper is a story that I wrote.
The new math lyrics are here

Click here for progress quest: here

A game I have started is here. This runs with python
so you should download python to run it. Save it to a file and then run
the file with python.
You can also (if you have telnet) use this: telent doolittle.icarus.com 8080

A very funny pic: here
surface pics here and here You can see the guard is afraid at the hospital

Raw material about Nicolas Copernicus: text, image, and Word file.

Arther click here
I have a python and a C program to generate fractals based on the mandelbrot set. They are at Fractal.py and Fractal.c respectively.

Higher Resolution avaliable: http://doolittle.icarus.com/~joseph/Output3.jpg

Sorry for the embedded video. If you have a suggestion for how to download the video and then display it on this page without referancing dailymotion, email me at nerdy joe at gmail dot com.