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May 11th, 2006

It all started in Tate's class. We wrote an essay on what/where we want to go after let out of high school. Then went to 6th, Spoden's. Madawg was lookn at a UC pamphlet. We were talkn college $h|+. So then 6th ends, and I meet up wit Lloyd. We talk band stuff. Then I split off from Lloyd & meet wit Kelly to start walking home. Well all that talk about college and the essay grate on my mind. WTF do I wanna do in life? Well I wanna b a teacher, and the band(ish) thing would be fun, but the whole why and what's the meaning got to me. Felt like $h|+. Then went to DVC. Good times, talked 2 peeps on MSN & GMail. Then left, met up wit Lloyd to pass the time. It was cool. We batted around more ideas about the band. Came up with I'm the technical & stand in if som1 can't make it. I'm the "etc." category. Felt good again. Felt like I was worth something.....

May 6th, 2006

First blog in new blog. There I broke the Ice.
Have a few things to say.
Have updated site...Now have layout, but it still needs work. Transfered a bunch of stuff from Myspace to here.
Nyway on to real life. Mom still hates me & my "attitude". I am helping her out by chauffeuring her to and from movie. It's dark. She tells me to look out for pedestrians. I tell her that its a miracle she can see because I certainly couldn't have done it myself. Next time I see pedestrians I point them out to her. When we get home she complains about my attitude. My dad comes in on her side and tells me to "Grin and bear it". I grin for five minutes. My mom says that if I want her to start treating me like an adult then I should start treating her like an adult. I say "Yes Ma'am." She walks away. D@MN parents.


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