Scene One, Getting Ready for the Party

King: (Curtains open)Servants! Clean the castle! The party is in three minutes!

Queen: Settle down, settle down. The party is in about  five hours. It might seem 

like three minutes but it isn't.

King: Your right it does seem like three minutes.

Queen: Servants, clean the castle for the party, this is the last time I'm telling you.

Alisha: You never told us there was a party!

Robert: Ya!

Katie: I agree.

Malissa: It is true.

Bob: Can I come? (Katie slaps Bob's head)


All Servants: (Run off stage, Curtains close)

Alisha: (Curtains open, on stage right) I cleaned all the bathrooms, the whole 

entire guest room, and the dinning room.

King: Good! (Servant 1off stage left)

Robert: (On stage right) I cleaned the kitchen, your room, and the King's room.

Queen: Good! (Servant 2 off stage left )

Katie: (On stage right) I washed all the dishes and put all the dishes in the 

cupboards, and I washed all the dirty clothes.

King: Good. (Katie off stage left )

Malissa: I dusted the whole castle!!

King & Queen: (Shocked) GREAT!!! (Malissa off stage left)

Bob: (On stage right) I cleaned and dusted the whole entire castle, plus I washed  

all the dishes, and put all the dishes in the cupboards, I even washed all the dirty clothes. (Smiles largely, King & Queen raise eyebrows)

Queen: How could you? The rest of the servants cleaned the castle and there isn't  anything left to do. (Servant 5's smile slowly disappears)

Bob: I still want to know if I can come to the party?

King: (Annoyed) I already answered that and the answer is NO!! NOW DO YOU  UNDERSTAND!? NO MEANS NO MEANS YOU ARE NOT GOING TO THE PARTY!!

Bob: (Nervous) OK. (Runs off stage left, Curtains close )

Kathren: ( Curtains open, Kathren & Elisibith on stage, Kathren looks in mirror)

How do I look?

Elisibith: Bad! All the boys will point and say ''Look at her, she looks like a  servant''.

Kathren: Oh ya right, I think they'll say "Ooooohhh, look at her, she's beautiful, 

and look at Elisibith, she looks weird!''

Elisibith: Hey, I'm not in my party clothes yet!

Kathren: I'm going to the king, and ask him if I'm beautiful.

Elisibith: Well guess what, you can't because he has his tea at two o'clock and its 

two o'clock now.

Kathren: No! He has his tea at 2:15.

Elisibith: Oh ya, but it will take you about 15 minutes to get to the king's throne.

Kathren: No! It will take me about five minutes to get there, and about ten minutes 

to talk  to him.

Elisibith: Ya well, I'm not ugly I'm just not ......

Molly: ( Enter stage right ) Hey guys, guys stop arguing all the guests are here 

because the king just finished his tea and, Elisibith, you should get dressed quickly!

Elisibith: Ya, Kathren you wasted all my time and now the guests are here and I'm 

not even dressed yet!!

Molly: I'm serous.( Curtains close )

Scene Two: The Party

Elisibith: (Curtains open) I'm finally dressed. I guess I'll go out and have some fun. (Curtains close)

Elisibith: (Curtains open) Why isn't any body here?

King: The servants disguised them selves as the guests.

Queen: Yes and Bob is in the dungeon because he organized it and planed it.

Elisibith: Oh.

King: He also told the real guests the party was canceled. (Curtains close)

Scene Three: The Oger

Shaun: (Curtains open,Shaun & Mickel on stage) I have to kill an Oger!! That will  be imposable!!!!!!

Mickel: No it won't. I've seen you kill a Griffin.

Shaun: No you haven't. I haven't even killed a Griffin. I've only killed a bull,  phoenix, and troll and the troll was my third patch. Now I need to get my fourth patch and to do that I have to kill an oger. A griffin is the fifth patch. A dragon is the sixth patch. Like I'll get that.

Anthony: (All knights enter stage right)You have to do what to what and what will  be imposable?

Shaun: I have to kill an oger To show I can handle being a knight, and that will be 


Bill: No it won't we faced a Griffin about the the size of this castle!

Richard: Oh come on, it wasn't that big. It was only about the size of your room, 


Shaun: WOW!!! That's still a big Griffin!

Richard: An oger is not much. Once you fight one you'll understand.

Bill: Ya, he's right.

Anthony: He sure is! (Curtains close)

Shaun: (Curtains open, Shaun, Mickel, and knights on stage) Kill the oger tonight!  No!

Anthony: Ether tonight or this afternoon would be best.

Mickel: Ya

Shaun: OK, tonight. (Curtains close)

Shaun: (Curtains open, Shaun and knights on stage) The oger is in this cave right?

Anthony: (All whisper) Sssshhh we don't want the oger to go to sleep.

Bill: If you make noise you will make him go to sleep...

Richard: And we don't want him to go to sleep...

Bill: So, we can prove you can kill him while he is awake...

Anthony: Not asleep.

Shaun: That is weird.

Richard: Whats weird?

Shaun: That if we're quiet, the oger stays awake, and if we're loud, it goes to sleep.

Anthony: Yes, every thing in this forest is weird...

Bill: And different...

Richard: You mean back wards.

Bill: Oh ya, thats what I mean.

Shaun: Shouldn't we watch for the oger in case he comes out?

Anthony: No...

Bill: We don't have to...

Richard: We can just tromp right in.

Shaun: Well, lets do that then.

Anthony: OK!

Bill: Sure.

Richard: Not to fast. (Knights and Shaun ride into ogers cave on horses)

Shaun: Is that the oger?

Anthony: I think so.

Bill: Probably.

Richerd: Yes.

Shaun: (Stab oger with sword 10 times. Once in each eye, one in the nose, and 

seven in the heart, on ninth time oger jumps and on last stab the oger dies) YYYEEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Knights stab the dead oger)

Knights: I guess you didn't need us.

Shaun: I guess I didn't. I'm just glad to be a knight. (Curtains close)

Scene Four: The Ceremony

King: (Curtains open,knights, Mickel, Shaun, princess, King, Queen on stage) Shaun is officially a knight. He has earned his fourth patch and he may have it and  his new uniform. (King knights Shaun).

Queen: I shall make a toast to Shaun's knighthood.

All: To Shaun's knighthood (All drink,Shaun goes to his seat.)

King: Shaun you may take the first bite.(Shaun starts, all eat)

Scene Five: The Griffin

Shaun: (Curtains open,Shaun and Knights on stage)I really want to be an elite  knight but I have to kill a dragon to do that and before that I have to kill a Griffin.

Anthony: Come on you can do it, I know you can.

Bill: You may even be an elite.

Richard: Oh, come tell the truth we know you can do better than just an ordinary  knight.

Bill: You didn't need us to kill the oger.

Anthony: The king told me that if you could kill an oger you can kill a Griffin.

Shaun: (Gloomily) Thanks for trying to cheer me up but I still think that I won't be  a royal knight for three years, and I'm still jealous of you being royal knights.

Richard: It's OK, you'll get there this week, I'm sure.

Bill: I think so too.

Anthony: So do I.

Shaun: (Cheered up) I do too! I know we can do it this week! In fact, I know we  can do it tomorrow, but it's getting late we should go to bed now. (Curtains close)

Shaun: (Curtains open, Shaun and knights on stage, knights laying down) Wake up,  wake up, I want to go kill a griffin. (Shakes knights)

Anthony:(Knights wake up, yawn, all knights sleepy) What?

Bill: Huh?

Richard: Yea?

Shaun: I want to go kill a griffin!!! Come on, come on, get up get dressed, Hurry  up we can eat breakfast early! Lets go! Hup two! Hup two!(Pulls up knights)

Anthony: It's only 6:30 a.m.!

Bill: Yea!

Richard: Don't you think its a little early for this?

Shaun: As long as the king and queen are awake we can do almost anything!

Anthony: I don't think they are up yet.

Shaun: Its worth it.

Bill: Do you really think so?

Richard: I'm not going with you.

Shaun: I guess I'll wait for you sleepy bums to wake up. (Curtains close)

Shaun: (Curtains open, Shaun and Knights 1&2 on stage) Now are you ready?

The king is awake.

Anthony: I am.

Bill: So am I.

Richard: (Off stage) Just a minute! (Shaun taps foot, Knight 3 enters stage right)

Shaun: Ready?

Richard: Yes. (Curtains close)

Anthony: (Curtains open) There's one!

Bill: Kill it!


Shaun: (Rides horse to griffin and stabs it once) Its PAPER!!!!!

Anthony: I think Bob did this because what about the party?

Bill: He did that...

Richard: So he probably did this too.

Shaun: Let's ignore this and find a real griffin.

Anthony: Lets go!

Bill: Come on!

Richard: I think I know where some are.

Shaun: Where?

Richard: Across the backward forest you might say, and over the stream of magical  fish, there is a mountain and there should be some real griffins there.

Shaun: OK, lets do that then.

Anthony: OK.

Bill: We have to be careful, there are evil things in the forest.

Richard: Like what?

Bill: I don't know, trolls maybe.

Richard: Oh, OK.


Shaun, Bill & Riahard: We know. (All knights and Shaun ride off stage, Curtains close)

Richard: (Curtains open, knights and Shaun on stage, all whisper) Wait!!

Bill: What?

Richard: I think I see a griffin coming down here to hunt!

Anthony: Wow!

Shaun: This would be a good time to kill it. I think.

Anthony: I think so to.

Bill: So do I.

Shaun: You two stay here while I kill the griffin. If I get hurt, kill the griffin and  help me get back to the castle.

Anthony: What about me?

Shaun: You stay here too.

Anthony: OK.

Shaun: (Not whispering) CCAARRGGEE!!! (Stabs griffin in the throat and heart)


(Curtains close)

Shaun: (Curtains open, Shaun and Knights on stage) I'm a royal knight!!

Richard: Yes you are.

Bill: Muuhuu.

Anthony: You should be proud of your self, you're a royal knight.

Shaun: But I have to kill a dragon!

Scene Six: The Dragon

Shaun: (Curtains open, Shaun & Mickel) I have to kill a dragon!

Mickel: No you don't!

Shaun: Well in order to be an elite knight I do.

Mickel: Well that is if you want to.

Shaun: You are SO annoying!

Mickel: No, I'm just correcting you.

Shaun: Well thats annoying.

Mickel: Oh I didn't know that. I'll be nice to you and do it some more.

Shaun: Oh, nuts.

Mickel: What about nuts? I must not have heard you.

Shaun: I'm going to talk to the knights.

Mickel: When?

Shaun: Now.

Mickel: Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Now has already passed. (Shaun walks off  and Mickel watches him, then shrugs his shoulders, Curtains close)

Shaun: (Curtains open, Shaun and knights on stage) I feel uptight.

Anthony: About what?

Shaun: About killing a dragon, I want to kill one this week but, Mickel keeps  bugging me.

Bill: You can stay with us the rest of your life.

Richard: And never communicate with Mickel.

Shaun: Yes, but then I cant get to my stuff.

Richard: Pack up!

Bill: Ya! Then you can play with us.

Anthony: And not Mickel.

Shaun: Ya! ( Off stage right, Curtain closes)

Shaun: (Curtains open, Shaun and knights on stage) Now can we kill the dragon?  huh? HUH?

Anthony: I'm not to sure about this.

Bill: Maybe.

Richard: Uuummm. Can we sleep on it one more time.

Shaun: OK. Fine. (Curtains close)

Richard: (Curtains open, Shaun and Knights stage left, King and Queen stage right)  Lets go to the king and ask him if we can go kill a dragon.

Bill: OK, but if we get permission then it will be hard to find one.

Richard: Yes it will be, but, ok.

Shaun: Let's go. (Knights and Shaun walk across stage)

Anthony: May we assist Shaun by helping him find and a dragon to kill, King?

Bill: Yes, we want Shaun to go up in rank.

Dragon: (off stage, quietly) Rrrroooaaaarrrr!

King: What was that sound?  

Richard: I don't know.

Dragon: (Enter stage right) RRRROOOAAAARRRR!!!! (stomps ground with feet)


Shaun: (Stab dragon 10-20 times) DDIIEE!!!!


Dragon: (Breath fire at Shaun, scratches knights)  AAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGG!!!!!

Bill: (Jumps and blocks fire) NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!! (Dies)

Shaun: (Stabs dragon 5-10 times) DDDIIIEEE!!!!!

Dragon: AAAAARRRRRRGGGGG!!!!!! (Dies)

King: Thank you Shaun!!! (Shaun and knights start crying , king looks down) Oh,  I'm sorry.

Shaun & living knights: (Mournfully) Thanks. (Curtains close)

Doctor: (Curtains open, Doctor and Shaun on stage) Does anybody need help?

Shaun: Yes, I do (Savants help knights in) and so do they.

Doctor: Oh, you killed a dragon!

Shaun: Yes.

Doctor:  (Doctor talks while working) If you get burnt then you put the burnt part  in cold water and then bandage it with clean bandages.

Shaun: I feel a little better.

Doctor: Good.

Anthony: OW!!!

Richard: OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW!!!

Doctor: Are you OK? (Wash and bandage Richard's leg) Here are some walking  sticks for you.

Richard: Thank you.

Doctor: You are welcome. I don't think I have enough bandages for you Anthony.

Anthony: It's OK.

Doctor: I think I have an idea.

Anthony: What?

Doctor: I could put a "sash" on you.

Anthony: OK. (Curtains close)

(Curtains open, all on stage, all bow, curtains close)