example of ggen output
ggen is a 2-D geometry generator expressed as a c++ class library. It includes output drivers for povray, Superfish, and PostScript. The library performs geometry calculations that include smooth transitions between lines, circles, and ellipses. The calling program has to describe the desired geometry using a constructive series of operations. Since it is run as a c++ program, that can be fully parameterized, conditional, repetitive, etc.

Example of use:

Sound weird? Well, I needed it. The PostScript output is useful for debugging a geometry. The Superfish output is used for the real work. povray provides is the de rigour presentation-quality output. In the longer term, this library can be extended to front for other programs (like Urmel), or integrated into them (like my mythical vapor-ware Superfish-like program that might someday calculate S-parameters).

ggen is Copyright 2000, 2010 Larry Doolittle, and may be freely used and copied according to the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2.

Download snapshots:

Documentation is currently almost nonexistent. You're looking at it.

Larry Doolittle
December 2, 2010