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I stand with Ukraine.
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Hi! Welcome to my home page. I may not be a net.god, but I have been a productive member of the free software community since I went Microsoft-free in 1993. Here are some projects that I have contributed to at various levels of intensity over the years:

Other links of mine:


Quoting from Uwe Bonnes' .sig, "Free Software: if you contribute nothing, expect nothing."

My e-mail service aggressively filters spam, so I don't mind listing my address here: <> If you catch me on-line, I can sometimes respond in minutes. At worst, I should get back to you in 48 hrs. Yes, I have a day job and a family, so think before mailing. Free software gives you the power to figure it out for yourself!

Congratulations to the 2010 Blue Devils B on winning the DCI Open Class championship with the highest score in DCI Open Class history.

Signify key for 2020: RWSMqPnDu7aAW3PqklmYmaz5TdRtkfaVfi8xQRTAN393skRE37FZy/Bn
QR code of key RWSMqPnDu7aAW3PqklmYmaz5TdRtkfaVfi8xQRTAN393skRE37FZy/Bn
If you have any doubts about the integrity of the above key, call me and I'll read it out over the phone.

My web page layout tool is vim. Best viewed with any browser. This page is Valid HTML 4.01 Strict! Content is king!