Junior Solar Sprint Simulation

Welcome to Larry Doolittle's simulator for the Junior Solar Sprint races. This is still a very preliminary and somewhat ugly version, but I'm getting there. You can download the program itself, which is c source code that I license to the world pursuant to the GPL. Sorry, I can't help you build and run it unless you use Linux. And if you have a good 'Net connection, it's just as easy to run it over the web from this page. I cross my fingers that my old '486 and my bro's T1 line will stand up to the usage.

You can also try my Octave-based simulator, which is done with two .m files:

(These files are also part of the program download above.) With a little fussing, you should be able to use these scripts on Matlab[TM] also. Note that Matlab is expensive proprietary software (don't steal it), and Octave is valuable Free Software.

On-line, Web-based Simulation

Sun strength: Help
Car's effective mass in kg: Help
Wheel effective radius in m: Help
No wind resistance (yet)
Other assumptions

Adapted from the excellent analysis posted by Chuck Wright.

Larry Doolittle
March 6, 2002