Junior Solar Sprint Simulation

Welcome to Larry Doolittle's simulator for the Junior Solar Sprint races. The program itself works fine. Some of the parameters may be dated (not updated since 2002). Feel free to contact me, especially if you have more recent experience with the activity and have parameter updates.

You can download the program itself, which is C source code that I license to the world pursuant to the GPL. Sorry, I can't help you build and run it unless you use Linux. And if you have a good 'Net connection, it's just as easy to run it over the web from this page. I cross my fingers that my old A20 and my bro's T1 line will stand up to the usage.

You can also try my Octave-based simulator, which is done with two .m files:

(These files are also part of the program download above.) With a little fussing, you should be able to use these scripts on Matlab[TM] also. Note that Matlab is expensive proprietary software (don't steal it), and Octave is valuable Free Software.

On-line, Web-based Simulation

Sun strength: Help
Car's effective mass in kg: Help
Wheel effective radius in m: Help
No wind resistance (yet)
Other assumptions

Adapted from the excellent analysis posted by Chuck Wright.

Larry Doolittle
November 30, 2021